It's time to grow up, E.
Life ahead, what could it be?
It's all in the potter's hand.

I'm in love with this song
. ((:


Damn shit today.
Its Easter and its the day rat came to my house to celebrate.
Dad is off to Bangi, left me and momma at home.
I saw rat at the backyard and told mom.
She was afraid cause dad's not at home cuz he normally does the killing.
and she cant go to the back to cook wash etc.
Well, i was doing my hw halfway thru, and then she ask me to teman her catch&kill.
The process was damn scary and funny. Lol.
Momma poured hot water everywhere and then the rat ran everywhere and then she scream -.-
32cups of hot water only it died.
thought it was dead yknow, we so happy, lookin for the mayat alr.
sekali it came out of nowhere, and it was like running towards me.
We went like OMG and scream like crazy then run away.
and i got my butt banged. dk got blueblack not, I need massage.
Poured hot water again and mom whack it h a r d.
She was like, 'if its pengsan not dead how? whack again.'
and again,
she started cursin the rat and then talked to the rat -.-
ahduii, pity the rat la.
Then she say somemore,' Pity ah? ask it to sleep with you wan?'
yucks. hahahaha. Pain la my butt.


Weeeeeee! Exams' overrrr.
Am and Pa is goingg down the drainnn.
Ughhh, and so you know the Fird*** is so ughhh you know.
Mengadaa x 10000! & i wish her eyeballs drop whenever she jeling at us.
ughh. kay.
tmr am not going to school,
Purple pig, happy training XD
Gettin' back papers tmr, i knoww.
I bet she's gonna shout at me even im not there :/cause i did BADLY for Pa.
Oh yea, & the school gonna memberontak bcause of H e r. :x
hahahahha, off to MidValley, Byezz.

Oh greattt hols a weekkkk. hehehe
Cina new year this year is like not much traveling.
PA teacher is making me sickk of herr man.
can she like stop it.
is like you know like..... shut up, diy.
shut up, diy - its in a very special and limited edition tone cuz' its from meeeezz.
she always sings to us in classs. -.-
hahahah! thats why la everyday rainnnnn.
rumput stinks and nyamuk blood suckerr, badbad.
Lalat rocks can. XD
Farhannah was absent today,
people studying in school so rajin;
she thinking of Fuetens in the car on the way throughout the journey.
Awww. (:
Erhem, sorry don't kill me Farhannah. XP

this post is so lame i'm just doing this for the sake of updating.
tmr im gonna grow fatter (:
happy eating to all cina peeps.

Merry Cina New Year! :D


SUP, peeps!
i know i know i know.
Sec4 is sick and first week of school was atrocious to the max.
i cried badly almost everyday.
anyhow, faith keeps me going on without givin' up.
i was about to give up and just accept the fact that its' never gonna happen & stop dreaming.
But miracles do happen right, peeps?
I've got what i hoped for and its time for me to work hard.
Sec3 was really a lack back for me, but that was like the happiest year for now in convent?
idk about this year but im really hoping for the better. (:
I've learned that, do not lose faith in God n ourselves & go for it, for the best!

iwannaiwannaiwanna be h a p p y.
Assist me, friends!

Ipoh, Penang, Langkawi, KL

Penang and Langkawi was really great trip.
I'm trying to upload the photos but blogger seems to be stuck couldn't upload. ishh.
maybe upload them next time hopefully.
Sucha coincident, met szelynn at langkawi.
same hotel somemore.
heard from diyana that szelynn is also coming to langkawi
but didn't know that she was staying in the same hotel too. haha.
She came and went back by flight, and me by speed boat 3 freaking hours.
oh god, jealous sia she went by flight. hahaha.
kk, banyak angmohs there is like you living in european country.
woots! hot wei. XD
till here!
school reopening soon. %$#!!@!@*$^%*#@!#@!!!
): i'm gonna miss hols.
ciao babehhs!
Oh great i just came back from vacation.
My results suck and i haven't get the slip.
no face :\
everyone's result so good except mine.
cried like shit. ishhh